Meditation Workshop, 11 June 2011


Better Health !

Less Stress !

More Wisdom !


Everybody can get these benefits from Meditation

If they find the right method!


Over a 2000-year period, Eastern Spiritual Masters have developed & perfected powerful yet simple meditation practices to help people achieve this.

These practices have only recently been made available to the  West.

Meditation Workshop

Sat 11 June 2011, Central Cambridge


Experience the  benefits in just 15 minutes of  practice.

Learn how to incorporate meditation into your everyday life.


Introduction Session 10 – 11.30

What is a Complete Meditation Practice

Introductory  Meditation

£10 ( includes DVD)


Foundation Practice 12 -2 pm

Learn a Complete Self Healing Meditation

£20 (includes meditation CD)

(both sessions £25.00)

07 505 141 686 Har Hari

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Meditation Course- 5 evenings in November

alex smilingMeditation Course :

Tuesdays: 2, 9, 16,23, 30 November at 19.30

Cost: £12 per night, please pay for course (£60) in advance

Teacher Alex Crawford 07973 210057

Alex Crawford, a student of Master Dechan Jueren will be facilitating a
Hanmi meditation group for four weeks.
Alex has been a Buddhist and meditating for over 20 years,
and will be introducing two of the Foundation Meditation Practices of the
Hanmi School. The meditations will be guided, and involve
use of the three mysteries – mantra, mudra and visualisation.
This system of practice is suitable for beginners through to experienced meditators.

All are welcome!
To book and for more details, please telephone Alex 01245 227 982 (answerphone)
or 07973 210057.

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Tailored reiki/massage treatments with Gill Williams, 18 September

gillTreatment sessions available throughout the day at Sukhmani Centre in Cambridge (

Gill is a psychic medium who has been practising reiki and massage for nearly ten years. She has a keen interest in all things angelic and spiritual.
She has developed a treatment combining all her skills that aims to achieve really useful healing and relaxation.
She uses her own intuition and psychic abilities to work out what each person needs and focuses her energies to that place. For example, someone with issues in their lower back will be treated according to the particular symptoms they have and possible cause of the problem. They may also be encouraged to use their own body-wisdom to get into the right position or stretch in the right way to ease/help it. There will be intense hands-on or distant healing and may be some massage (through the clothing) of the affected area .

gillbutterflyThe result is a powerful healing session that will help with a multitude of ailments and/or achieve a feeling a deep relaxation and well-being.
The treatment can help with a whole host of both physical and emotional problems, anything from stress to sciatica! Gill has been particularly successful in helping with emotional distress, addictions, recurring headaches and back pain although the treatment can be tailored to any physical, emotional or indeed spiritual problem, including guidance regarding life purpose.

The one-hour treatment costs £40 and includes consultation and follow-up advice via email or phone regarding the treatment.

For further enquiries or to book a treatment, please email or call/text 07859 898309

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Shiatsu sessions with Carolyn, Friday afternoons


Carolyn started her healing journey some 12 years ago, becoming a registered healer in
1999 and gaining several therapy diplomas and certificates since including meditation
teacher. She has also studied Shiatsu and is now working towards full accreditation,
providing treatments at the Sukhmani Centre (at a discounted rate until fully accredited,
please call 01954 718308 for more information).

Shiatsu is relaxing, restorative and beneficial to health. Japanese for ‘finger
pressure’, shiatsu was developed in Japan from a synthesis of ancient Chinese and
Western massage and manipulation techniques, and incorporating key aspects of
Traditional Chinese Medicine, with support for the meridian energy systems of the
body. Can help with acute and chronic symptoms, and provide deep relaxation.

Guidelines for treatment:

-Wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing, preferably cotton, e.g. sweatshirt,
tracksuit trousers and cotton socks.
-Do not eat heavily in the two hours prior to treatment or drink alcohol before
or just after treatment.
-After treatment drink plenty of water to help flow through the system.
-Avoid strenuous or stressful activities after the session.

Treatments last approximately one hour including consultation and

Some recent client feedback…

“My treatment with Carolyn was one of the most relaxing things I have experienced.
She has such a beautiful presence and I felt safe, accepted and in very good hands.
Thank you Carolyn.” Har Hari Kaur

“I cannot speak highly enough of Carolyn. Her gentle and caring approach enables
one to feel completely safe. I have found her Shiatsu treatments so beneficial.”
Diane Wilman

“I really appreciated the intuitive way you treated me. I felt you were spot on with
the things you said and the areas you focused on. I am enjoying our time together.
Thank you.” Heidi Matthews

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Internal Yoga Arts Weekend Workshop, 24-25th September


Internal Yoga Arts Weekend Workshop

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September

Time: 10am – 5pm both days

Please bring a mat and lunch for both days. Refreshments will be provided.

Weather permitting, we will conclude the course practising outdoors.

Full course fee: £120.
Numbers are limited. Secure your place now with a deposit of £50 (non refundable).
Or pay in full by 11th September for the early bird price of only £98!

Cheques payable to
Steve Avian, PO BOX 3464, Sheffield, S10 1YY
Confirmation on receipt of payment.
All fees include full tuition, DVD and booklet.

About Steve Avian

I fell in love with yoga over thirty years ago and she has been a constant throughout my life-changes and life-styles . She is a challenging mistress – yielding and withholding her secrets, melting and remaking me along the way.

Throughout the years I have studied yoga deeply, often with masters and teachers from various styles – Classical Hatha, Taoist, Iyengar, Sivananda. I have also practiced spiritual disciplines from many traditions. I learned a lot from my teachers and, at the same time, I learned a lot by myself . The greatest Guru is the One Spirit within us all.

My pursuits have taken me to four continents. So many amazing people have crossed my path and still do. Teaching was something i was naturally drawn too – even as a teenager I would teach yoga to friends and later, in my 30s, I qualified to teach it with one of the oldest yoga organisations based in the U.K – the Friends of Yoga Society – as my main teacher at the time, Enid Culf, was a member.

In 1997 I started offering classes and workshops in and around the Sheffield area and in 2005 I set up a yoga school to train students to teach, which is now accredited to the Yoga Alliance.

The word “internal” in yoga refers to a kind of knowledge that is inner and subtle. I think of the internal arts as an exploration, an invitation to play and to gain an experiential understanding of our potentials. The natural principles of the inner arts can translate into almost any activity. We can put our discoveries to good use in the world.

Good luck. Play on

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A Healing Space and Meditation: Tuesdays


3pm Meditation Session (suitable for all levels, from beginniners to budding Masters)
4-5pm Healing Space (All levels; relax and receive powerful healing)
6.30-7.30pm Medicine Buddha practice – for those who have done the medicine buddha course.
7.30-8.30pm Meditation and Healing (All levels, a lovely relaxing meditation.  Participants can choose to receive healing whilst they meditate which is particularly scrumptious)
You may arrive for the start of any session or attend them all.

We are able to charge for these classes by way of donation, and we do suggest a minimum of £5 wherever possible, more if you are inspired by the meditations, all offerings go direct to charity.

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Tibetan Yoga Workshop April 2nd & 3rd with Pamela Givens

pamelaCome experience the profound benefits of Tibetan Yoga! Tibetan Yoga, called Kum Nye (pronounced Koom Nyay) relaxes the body and opens up the connection between the body and the mind. This yoga is much different from typical Indian yoga – the postures open up energy blockages in the physical and subtle body system, promoting vitality, satisfaction and joy. Tibetan yoga is an excellent way to prepare for meditation.

In this two day workshop, we’ll work on opening up the throat, which distributes energy throughout the body, lessens anxiety and brings joyfulness; and the lower energy center (chakras), which creates a feeling of stability and a sense of satisfaction. We’ll also work stimulating energy and vitality in the body through yoga and chanting.

Tibetan Yoga and Chanting
Day 1: Throat and Lower Chakras/Energy Centers; Chakra Chants
Day  2: Awakening Positive Qualities with Sanskrit and Tibetan Chants

Workshop time: 10.00am – 4.30 pm
10-10.30 Introduction
10.30-11.45  Yoga Practice
11..45-12.00 Break
12.00 – 12.30 Chanting
12.30 – 1.30 Lunch (Bring your own or bring something to share Lunch)
1.30- 2.00 Chanting
2.00-3.00 Yoga
3.00-3.15 break
3.15-4.00 Chant
4.00 – 4.30 Closing

Please bring a cushion and a mat to sit on. You may also want to bring a notebook and writing instrument to take notes.

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Reiki Healing Share

reiki-shareReiki/Healing Share

Reiki/Healing share first Wednesday of the month 7.45-9.45pm. Come along to practice your healing skills, learn and share new techniques, receive healing and send healing to the community and planet. All levels of healers welcome.
For more information contact: Chrissy email: or 01223-476730 or Amy 07985 609 710.

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Diamond Wisdom Meditation Workshop with Dan Kendall, 7 August

ddanDiamond Wisdom

A Meditation Workshop with

Dan Kendall

Saturday 7th August 2010

Diamond Wisdom Meditation, has been used by Eastern Spiritual Masters for over 2000 years.

This complete meditation practice, when practised regularly can improve your health, provide protection for healers and open up your wisdom .

Dan Kendall, is an inspirational teacher and speaker. He  has been practising Esoteric Buddhism for 10 years.

Abbott of The  Los Angeles Dari Rulai Temple

Morning Session 11 – 1 pm

Introduction – Why is it a complete meditation

Diamond Wisdom Part 1 – the Interflow of the Four Links

Healing Session -  Directly Experience the Healing power of this meditation

Afternoon Session 1.30- 3.30pm

The 2nd state of Zen Meditation

Protection and Healing applications to Diamond Wisdom

Diamond Wisdom Parts 2 , 3 & 4

Cost £15 per session

Both sessions £25

Sukhmani Centre, back entrance, 68 Humberstone Road CB4 1JF

Call Har Hari to book 07 505 141 686.

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Creativity through meditation, 31 July, 11.00-14.00

creativityA class for everyone interested in increasing their ability to bring their creativity into
each moment

Manifest your Creative Self in Each Moment
You will learn meditations to bring about these specific shifts in your consciousness in just 11 minutes per meditation
Unlock your creative potential to be happy and well
Saturday July 31st
11am – 2pm
cost £20
Sukmani Centre – Cambridge
For more details contact 07 505 141 686
Lead By Har Hari Kaur – Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Pilates teacher

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