Shiatsu sessions with Carolyn, Friday afternoons


Carolyn started her healing journey some 12 years ago, becoming a registered healer in
1999 and gaining several therapy diplomas and certificates since including meditation
teacher. She has also studied Shiatsu and is now working towards full accreditation,
providing treatments at the Sukhmani Centre (at a discounted rate until fully accredited,
please call 01954 718308 for more information).

Shiatsu is relaxing, restorative and beneficial to health. Japanese for ‘finger
pressure’, shiatsu was developed in Japan from a synthesis of ancient Chinese and
Western massage and manipulation techniques, and incorporating key aspects of
Traditional Chinese Medicine, with support for the meridian energy systems of the
body. Can help with acute and chronic symptoms, and provide deep relaxation.

Guidelines for treatment:

-Wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing, preferably cotton, e.g. sweatshirt,
tracksuit trousers and cotton socks.
-Do not eat heavily in the two hours prior to treatment or drink alcohol before
or just after treatment.
-After treatment drink plenty of water to help flow through the system.
-Avoid strenuous or stressful activities after the session.

Treatments last approximately one hour including consultation and

Some recent client feedback…

“My treatment with Carolyn was one of the most relaxing things I have experienced.
She has such a beautiful presence and I felt safe, accepted and in very good hands.
Thank you Carolyn.” Har Hari Kaur

“I cannot speak highly enough of Carolyn. Her gentle and caring approach enables
one to feel completely safe. I have found her Shiatsu treatments so beneficial.”
Diane Wilman

“I really appreciated the intuitive way you treated me. I felt you were spot on with
the things you said and the areas you focused on. I am enjoying our time together.
Thank you.” Heidi Matthews