Meditation Workshop, 11 June 2011


Better Health !

Less Stress !

More Wisdom !


Everybody can get these benefits from Meditation

If they find the right method!


Over a 2000-year period, Eastern Spiritual Masters have developed & perfected powerful yet simple meditation practices to help people achieve this.

These practices have only recently been made available to the  West.

Meditation Workshop

Sat 11 June 2011, Central Cambridge


Experience the  benefits in just 15 minutes of  practice.

Learn how to incorporate meditation into your everyday life.


Introduction Session 10 – 11.30

What is a Complete Meditation Practice

Introductory  Meditation

£10 ( includes DVD)


Foundation Practice 12 -2 pm

Learn a Complete Self Healing Meditation

£20 (includes meditation CD)

(both sessions £25.00)

07 505 141 686 Har Hari