Tailored reiki/massage treatments with Gill Williams, 18 September

gillTreatment sessions available throughout the day at Sukhmani Centre in Cambridge (www.sukhmani.co.uk)

Gill is a psychic medium who has been practising reiki and massage for nearly ten years. She has a keen interest in all things angelic and spiritual.
She has developed a treatment combining all her skills that aims to achieve really useful healing and relaxation.
She uses her own intuition and psychic abilities to work out what each person needs and focuses her energies to that place. For example, someone with issues in their lower back will be treated according to the particular symptoms they have and possible cause of the problem. They may also be encouraged to use their own body-wisdom to get into the right position or stretch in the right way to ease/help it. There will be intense hands-on or distant healing and may be some massage (through the clothing) of the affected area .

gillbutterflyThe result is a powerful healing session that will help with a multitude of ailments and/or achieve a feeling a deep relaxation and well-being.
The treatment can help with a whole host of both physical and emotional problems, anything from stress to sciatica! Gill has been particularly successful in helping with emotional distress, addictions, recurring headaches and back pain although the treatment can be tailored to any physical, emotional or indeed spiritual problem, including guidance regarding life purpose.

The one-hour treatment costs £40 and includes consultation and follow-up advice via email or phone regarding the treatment.

For further enquiries or to book a treatment, please email miaandami@yahoo.co.uk or call/text 07859 898309