Esoteric Meditation


The best way to affect positive change in health and increase happiness is through meditation. The Chinese Esoteric School (or Hanmi Buddhist teachings) offers simple yet powerful, practical methods, giving real help for everyday problems.

There are a number of meditation techniques. The depth of the meditations is due to the way in which they work with the principle of the three mysteries of Body, Mind and Speech. The Three Mysteries are a fundamental foundation of the teachings of the Chinese Esoteric School. As human beings, our actions and nature can be seen to fall into these three broad categories. Corresponding to the body aspect, we hold a hand position or body posture. Corresponding to the Mind aspect, we visualise certain ideas. Corresponding to the Speech aspect, we continuously chant mantra. By a particular combination of processes in these three areas, changes can be effected. You unlock the ability to quickly enter into the natural state of the mind and access healing wisdom that is within everybody.

Simple and effective, and time-tested, these techniques are being directly transmitted by living master Dechan Jeuren (Master Yu)

This is what Master Yu says about the practice of Hanmi Buddhist meditations:

Esoteric practice can make you really see the ignorance, attachment, and limitation of human life that brought suffering to yourself. Only when you have truly grasped the method to know yourself and applied the means to change yourself, you will be able to liberate yourself from suffering.

Once you have grasped the esoteric practice, having good health, inner peace and wishes fulfilled is very basic. There will be amazing discovery as you continue on entering the state. You will truly know that no one can give you wisdom, which can only be had by following the correct method of cultivation. Wisdom emerges on its own when you can truly enter the state of reality.